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Bienvenido al Wiki de Bibliografía sobre Aplicaciones para recursos de información digital

Este es el wiki de prácticas de bibliografía de la asignatura Aplicaciones para recursos de información digital, que se imparte en el Grado en Información y Documentación de la Universidad de Zaragoza. Durante los cursos de 2011 a 2015, sus contenidos fueron aportados desde la asignatura Gestión de contenidos.

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Artículos resumidos 2020

Analyzing and Normalizing Type Metadata for a Large Aggregated Digital Library

Automating Authority Control Processes

Persistent identifiers for heritage objects

Leveraging Google Drive for Digital Library Object Storage

Tweeting Tennessee’s Collections: A Case Study of a Digital Collections Twitterbot Implementation

Building a Library Search Infrastructure with Elasticsearch

Artículos resumidos 2019

Create Efficient, Platform-neutral, Web-Based Augmented Reality Content in the Library

BC Digitized Collections: Towards a Microservices-based Solution to an Intractable Repository Problem

SCOPE: A digital archives access interface

Building an institutional author search tool

Improving the discoverability and web impact of open repositories: techniques and evaluation

Creating a Low-cost, DIY Multimedia Studio in the Library

Digitization Selection Criteria as Anti-Racist Action

Managing Discovery Problems with User Experience in Mind

Infomaki: An Open Source, Lightweight Usability Testing Tool

The Library Search Engine: A Smart Solution for Integrating Resources Beyond Library Holdings

Natural Language Processing in the Humanities: A Case Study in Automated Metadata Enhancement

Building a better book widget: Using Alma Analytics to automate new book discovery

Designing Shareable Tags: Using Google Tag Manager to Share Code

A Systematic Approach to Collecting Student Work

MatchMarc: A Google Sheets Add-on that uses the WorldCat Search API

Programming Poetry: Using a Poem Printer and Web Programming to Build Vandal Poem of the Day

User Experience is a Social Justice Issue

Steps to Create Technical Documentation Lázaro Oliver

Steps to Create Technical Documentation Lles Ferrando

Artículos resumidos 2018

WMS, APIs and LibGuides: Building a Better Database A-Z List

Using XML Schema with Embedded Schematron Rules for MODS Quality Control in a Digital Repository

Wikidata: a platform for your library’s linked open data

Copyright and access restrictions–providing access to the digital collections of Leiden University Libraries with conditional access rights

Centralized Accessioning Support for Born Digital Archives

Adaptation: the Continuing Evolution of the New York Public Library’s Digital Design System

Spinning Communication to Get People Excited About Technological Change

Ship It: Logistical tracking of ILL physical loans

Analysis of 2018 International Linked Data Survey for Implementers

FAIR Principles for Library, Archive and Museum Collections: A proposal for standards for reusable collections

FAIR Principles for Library, Archive and Museum Collections: A proposal for standards for reusable collections 2

Accio e-Libri: Magically Delivering Digital Resources to Patrons Using NFC Technology

Archidora: Integrating Archivematica and Islandora

Artículos resumidos 2017

Tools and Workflows for Collaborating on Static Website Projects

Between the Sheets: a Library-wide Inventory with Google

The Drawings of the Florentine Painters: From Print Catalog to Linked Open Data

Building a Scalable and Flexible Library Data Dashboard

DIY DOI: Leveraging the DOI Infrastructure to Simplify Digital Preservation and Repository Management

Web-Scraping for Non-Programmers: Introducing OXPath for Digital Library Metadata Harvesting

Leveraging Python to improve ebook metadata selection, ingest, and management

Participatory Design Methods for Collaboration and Communication

An interactive map for showcasing repository impacts

Supporting Oral Histories in Islandora

OpeNumisma: A Software Platform Managing Numismatic Collections with A Particular Focus On Reflectance Transformation Imaging

Extending Omeka for a Large-Scale Digital Project

A Practical Starter Guide on Developing Accessible Websites

Python, Google Sheets, and the Thesaurus for Graphic Materials for Efficient Metadata Project Workflows.

Using the ‘rentrez’ R Package to Identify Repository Records for NCBI LinkOut

Artículos resumidos 2015

Barriers to Initiation of Open Source Software Projects in Libraries

3D Adaptive Virtual Exhibit for the University of Denver Digital Collections

Feminism and the Future of Library Discovery

Recognizing Cultural Diversity in Library Interface Development

A Novel Open Source Approach to Monitor EZproxy Users’ Activities

Streamlining Book Requests with Chrome

Digital forensics on a shoestring: a case study from the University of Victoria

Artículos resumidos 2014

Ebooks without Vendors: Using Open Source Software to Create and Share Meaningful Ebook Collections

Solving Advanced Encoding Problems with FFMPEG

WordPress as a Content Management System for a Library Web Site: How to Create a Dynamically Generated Subject Guide

An introduction to Optical Media Preservation

Customizing Android Tablets for a Shared Environment

Artículos resumidos 2012

Discovering Digital Library User Behavior with Google Analytics

Open Access Publishing with Drupal

Using PHP to Parse eBook Resources from Drupal 6 to Populate a Mobile Web Page

Improving the Drupal User Experience

Creating a Seamless Cross-Platform Online Experience for Mobile Users

Presenting results as dynamically generated co-authorship subgraphs in semantic digital library collections

The Martha Berry Digital Archive Project: A Case Study in Experimental Pedagogy

Artículos resumidos 2011

Acceptance of blog usage

Beyond email: wikis, blogs and other strangebeasts

Building up a collaborative article database

Creating Library Websites with Joomla: Not Too Big, Not Too Small, Just Right.

OpenBook WordPress Plugin: Open Source Access to Bibliographic Data

Software for building a full-featured discipline-based web portal

Solutions for Subject Guides

WikiWikiWebs: New Ways to Communicate in a Web Environment

Making Research Guides More Useful and More Well Used

Subject Guides & More: Creatively Transforming an Open Source Management System